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Dog Behaviourist & Dog Training Services

I believe the best solutions are the simplest ones! With this in mind, I don't over complicate my services either!

Everyone is welcome to a free 30 minute phone consultation. Yes everyone. You never know, we might be able to fix things that easily! Either way, its a great opportunity to get to know each other and for me to learn about the problems you're experiencing. I can also talk you through what we will do to make things better! Click below to book yours!

For behavioural problems, I offer a "one-off" Face to Face Consultation - and trust me this is all you'll need! I know a lot of people expect to need weekly sessions that go on for months (and cost you a fortune), but you really don't!! See the link below to learn more about how it all works and what to expect.


For Puppies, I do offer a full training package that is tailored to your individual needs and setting. Every dog is different and so is every owner, home and expectations of the new addition, so why attend a generic training course when you can have a personalised one! See the link below for more details.

FREE Phone Consultation
Face to Face Consultation
Puppy Training Course
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