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Face to Face Consultation

Every single dog is an individual and has its own unique needs and this is also true of every home!  We all have our own expectations of our dogs and also our own schedules and lifestyles too. As such I tailor what I do to suit your particular problems, concerns or expectations. 


Prior to this meeting, we will have had a chat on the phone so I will have an understanding of why you need my help, so we can get straight down to it as early as when I knock on your door! I will have given you any clear instructions of what to do at this point if the troubles you're having are around visitors! (You're not alone if it is, it's very common!)


This behaviourist consultation is not time bound - I will not leave you until I am confident that you are confident you know what to do next! Typically this takes 3-4 hours as a rough guide. I am not a big supporter of weekly sessions, simply because if changes need to be made, they should all be done at once! There is little benefit to changing one thing each week as my methods rely on a communication change and trying to tackle a small element can result in confusing you and your dog and potentially even making things worse! 


Don't worry - I will be on hand following this session to answer any questions that come up, or to reassure you that you're doing well. I also welcome chats to tell me about your success stories!! (I am pleased to say this happens a great deal and it's always a pleasure!).


The session will be a mixture of talking, listening and putting things into practice. I always start with a crash course in doggy communication as this is the fundamental change I will be helping you implement. The majority of the problems I work with have generally arisen from a miscommunication. I'm sorry to say we can't teach your dog how to speak English but you can absolutely learn how to speak dog!! Once we have this in place, you'll soon see how easy it is to apply this to your circumstances and change the behavioural problems you're experiencing.

I will show you how this all works and show you with your dog how they can behave differently in the situations you're struggling with. You will literally be able to see the difference right in front of you! (One client of mine did once accuse me of some sort of trickery as she couldn't believe what she was seeing!)

The bonus about learning how to communicate effectively with your dog is that it applies to all dogs!! So you can learn how to interact with strangers' dogs to your advantage, but also any future pups you decide to take on!


So hopefully this goes some way to helping you understand why you'll only need a one off session with me! I can assure you that if you really care about having a great relationship with your dog, this will be the most valuable few hours of your life!

Please do click the link below to see my availability and to book a session now! Please do also book your free 30 minute phone consultation on a date prior to the face to face meeting - it will also give you a chance to make sure you'll be comfortable working with me!

I can't wait to hear from you!

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